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My program Kids’ (2 to 6 years) tooth decay prevention

Protecting children’s first permanent teeth from decay is essential for life-long healthy teeth. It is easier to develop the best habits for good oral hygiene with the right tools.

1Fluoride toothpaste that children will love

ELGYDIUM Kids Red Berries is a toothpaste designed for children aged two to six years. It is red berry-flavoured with a 500 ppm fluoride content suitable for children of this age, to protect milk teeth from the acid attacks that cause tooth decay.


ELGYDIUM KIDS Red Berries Toothpaste Ages 2 to 6

2Toothpaste that is kind to enamel

Protecting children’s milk teeth from decay is essential for healthy permanent teeth. ELGYDIUM Kids Fresh Strawberry toothpaste is formulated so that the fluoride binds firmly to the teeth after the first minute of brushing. Its cleaning action is gentle on gums and the thinner enamel of milk teeth.


ELGYDIUM KIDS Fresh Strawberry Toothpaste Ages 2 to 6

3Toothbrush for milk teeth

ELGYDIUM Kids Ages 2 to 6 is a toothbrush with a small head that has been specially designed for small mouths. Its soft and finely rounded bristles are gentle on the teeth and gums. The bristles have a concave trim to fit the rounded surface of milk teeth.


ELGYDIUM KIDS Toothbrush Ages 2 to 6

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