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ELGYDIUM PHYTO, an innovative plant-based toothpaste to prevent dental plaque

Published 08/03/2019

ELGYDIUM PHYTO, compatible with homeopathic treatments

Menthol and camphor-free, the ELGYDIUM PHYTO toothpaste does not interfere with homeopathy. Its eucalyptus flavor provides long-lasting freshness after brushing.

Designed without preservatives, ELGYDIUM PHYTO may be use daily, as early as age twelve, to better eliminate biofilm and prevent dental plaque build-up and its complications (tooth decay, gingivitis, etc.).


Gaining benefits from the antibacterial properties of myrtle leaves

To develop their ELGYDIUM PHYTO toothpaste, Pierre Fabre Laboratories relied of the antibacterial properties of myrtle leaves (Myrtus communis). This aromatic Mediterranean shrub has been traditionally used for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

Harvested and dried in Morocco, the myrtle leaves used in ELGYDIUM PHYTO are processed by Pierre Fabre Laboratories to extract active antibacterial compounds (myrtucommulones and ursolic acid, among others).


Natural myrtle extracts and fluorinol act synergistically

To increase ELGYDIUM PHYTO toothpaste effectiveness, Pierre Fabre Laboratories combined antibacterial myrtle extracts and enamel-protecting fluorinol. This patented organic fluorinated substance binds to teeth enamel five times more intensely than mineral fluoride, even after a one-minute brush. By increasing enamel resistance to acidic substances produced by dental plaque bacteria, fluorinol helps prevent tooth decay.

During in-vitro studies involving four typical dental plaque bacteria (Streptococcus oralis, Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus gordonii, Actinomyces naeslundii), the combination Myrtle extracts 2% + Fluorinol 1350 ppm was able to decrease by 99% the number of bacteria within the biofilm (the sticky bacterial film which grows on teeth and represents the first stage of dental plaque build-up).


Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise

Our company, Pierre Fabre Laboratories, has always explored and used plants as we are convinced of their potential for health and beauty. To contribute to the conservation of plant resources we created the Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre a certified* process for the responsible development of innovative, safe and effective plant-based active ingredients?

This expertise stands on four basic principles:

  • Preserve biodiversity by respecting the plant’s original ecosystem,
  • Respect local suppliers through guaranteed purchase volumes,
  • Guarantee safety, traceability and effectiveness of plant-based products,
  • Innovate by developing new plant-extracted ingredients.

Myrtle extract used in ELGYDIUM PHYTO are sourced by BEPF and comply with its requirements

*European Foundation for Quality Management


ELGYDIUM Phyto, a plant-based solution to prevent dental plaque and its complications.​