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French production and unique know-how

Pierre Fabre Oral Care laboratories made the decision to manufacture their products exclusively in France (with the exception of certain toothbrushes that are also partly manufactured in Switzerland and in Spain) in order to meticulously control the manufacturing processes and guarantee patients safe, reliable products.

Traceability of raw materials

A high-quality manufacturing process means strictly controlling the sources of raw materials. For synthetic materials, we have developed a monitoring protocol covering, in particular, the manufacturing location and certifying compliance with European standards. For natural raw materials, we prioritise European supplies whenever possible. Our ELGYDIUM toothpastes have been certified by AFNOR with the French Origin Guaranteed label. Other products, such as the ELGYDIUM mouthwashes, are in the process of being certified.

Local, certified production

Our priority is to ensure consumer safety through high-quality products. All of our formulated products are manufactured in France, mostly on the Gien production site in the Loiret.
This regional foothold not only supports the local economy but, most importantly, enables us to produce safe and high-quality products.

A closer look at the Gien production site (Loiret)

The Gien site has evolved continuously since 1963, doubling its production capacities. Today it is the Group's largest pharmaceutical production site. It manufactures and packages pharmaceutical products, dermo-cosmetics and medical devices in dry, paste or liquid forms. This is where mouthwashes in the ELUDRIL range are made.
The site is ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 certified.

A closer look at the Gaillac production site (Tarn)

The Gaillac site develops and produces the active ingredients for all of the Group's activities. This site has built up specific expertise in various fields, particularly in fluoridation (the production site for Fluorinol®).
The site has been awarded the 14001 environmental management certificate.

Producing in France, a responsible choice

Besides the pharmaceutical issues involved, it was an obvious choice for the Pierre Fabre Group, as a socially responsible entity, to opt for manufacturing in its home region and thereby contribute to national and local economic activities. The Group boasts nine production sites and two distribution centres in France.

“Our priority is to ensure consumer safety through reliable, high-quality products. Our efforts will therefore continue to focus on exemplary production in France and on sites that meet our pharmaceutical requirements.”

Pascal Lefort, Head of the Gien plant.