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Our history

Since its creation in the 1960s with the development of a vast portfolio of products, including renowned brands such as ELUDRIL, INAVA, ELGYDIUM CLINIC and ELGYDIUM, PANSORAL and ARTHRODONT, Pierre Fabre Oral Care has built up a reputation of professionalism, reliability and rigour.

Acquisition of INAVA Laboratories, opening up the field of oral care and hygiene for Pierre Fabre.

The laboratory succeeds in stabilising chlorhexidine for the first time, in an ELUDRIL mouthwash solution (medication status).

Launch of the first toothpaste that eventually became ELGYDIUM (medication status).

Launch of the first INAVA toothbrush (ELGYDIUM Clinic).

New formulations intended for prescription by dental surgeons. Eagerly awaited dental gels, approved by the profession: PANSORAL oral gel (medication status) and ELUGEL.

Launch of the ELGYFLUOR toothpaste that would later become ELGYDIUM Sensitive.

Launch of the first interdental brush.

ELGYDIUM Bicarbonate toothpaste, later to become ELGYDIUM Whitening, is added to the ELGYDIUM range.

The laboratory’s portfolio is broadened with a new prescription medication: FLANID Gé.
The acquisition of Veyron and Froment, and Péridental laboratories expanded Pierre Fabre Oral Care's dental offering with the ARTHRODONT gingival paste (medication status).

A new formula with camomile and marsh mallow extract, PANSORAL Teething expands the offer of oral gels to teething for babies.

The ELGYDIUM brand now covers Whitening and Tooth Decay Protection (Kids, Junior and for the over-twelves) toothpaste ranges.

Launch of ALIBI lozenges, an exclusive formula with green tea extract and parsley essential oil to freshen breath, absorbing and neutralising the volatile compounds that cause odours.

The oral care offering is boosted with the launch of the ARTHRODONT Protect toothpaste.

Innovation in the ELGYDIUM toothpaste range with ELGYDIUM Brilliance & Care . The INAVA range is extended with the first sterilisable medical device toothbrush (INAVA 7/100).

After the FLEX and TRIO COMPACT models, the INAVA/ELGYDIUM CLINIC interdental brush range rolls out a new compact and travel-ready product: mono COMPACT.

Launch of a new mouthwash: ELUDRIL PERIO 0.20% (medication status) in France.

Launch of ELGYDIUM Clinic Dry Mouth, an innovative spray (medical device status).
The latest arrival in the ELGYDIUM Kids range is launched in 2014 with the new Banana flavour for 2- to 6-year-olds.

The ELGYDIUM children’s range is revamped with new formulas tailored to every age.
Launch of a new ELGYDIUM Whitening lemon-flavoured toothpaste. Launch of INAVA/ELGYDIUM CLINIC Black Dental Floss, the first black-coloured dental floss.