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Pierre Fabre Oral Care, large-scale R&D based in France

Conscious of the evolving nature of issues related to oral health, Pierre Fabre Oral Care conducts most of its R&D (research and development) for new products in its own laboratory in South-West France.

Integrated pharmaceutical expertise

At the interface between pharmaceuticals and dermo-cosmetics, Pierre Fabre Oral Care benefits from the Pierre Fabre Group’s pharmaceutical expertise and skilled formulation techniques.
Bolstered by the Group’s experience, Pierre Fabre Oral Care is committed to going ever further and offering consumers products that meet high expectations.
Pierre Fabre Oral Care’s motto: Oral health powered by science.

Innovation, in partnership with other oral health experts

Pierre Fabre Oral Care’s R&D is based on in-house teams dedicated to developing oral care-specific expertise, including tissue engineering know-how.
These tissue-reconstruction experts work towards implementing, characterising and validating gingival tissue models. This activity aims to produce internal models that are modular (according to inflammatory status, for example), for assessing active ingredients and finished products.

To boost and accelerate research and development, Pierre Fabre Oral Care also conducts its R&D work in collaboration with external partners, in particular:

  • IFRO (French institute for dental research), an association that conducts research into teeth, gums and the oropharynx. The institute was created at the initiative of the French Dental Association, French universities and industrial partners. It is committed to the development of dentistry research in France and furthering its reputation.
  • SFPIO (French society of periodontology and oral implantology), a scientific society which works towards promoting the fields periodontology, implantology and associated training. SFPIO is one of France’s foremost learned societies in the field of dentistry.

Closely monitoring effectiveness of active ingredients and finished products

Pierre Fabre Oral Care’s research and development teams include staff dedicated to assessing the effectiveness and potential of active ingredients and finished products.
The effectiveness of most finished products is assessed through clinical tests under medical supervision.

Safety: a top priority

Pierre Fabre Oral Care has a high-level quality assurance plan, guaranteeing the reliability, safety, traceability and quality of raw materials and finished products.
Finished products undergo pharmacological tests to assess safety, and tolerance is evaluated through clinical testing under medical supervision.

Acceptance, driving our development

Sensory analysis is a scientific method used to describe, measure, analyse and interpret sensory responses to a product when perceived by the senses: sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing.
We assess acceptance for our finished products via sensory tests conducted in Pierre Fabre Oral Care’s sensory analysis laboratory under controlled conditions, with consumer focus groups trained according to product type.

Innovative compounds at the core of our products

In order to prevent and treat problems in oral health (such as the build-up of plaque, tooth decay, gingivitis, etc.), Pierre Fabre Oral Care offers innovative formulas boosted by highly effective active substances.

Hi-tech, innovative and exclusive solutions

Pierre Fabre Oral Care also develops technical solutions tailored to the needs of particular patients.

Toothbrushes suitable for microwave sterilisation

Some patients suffering from particular disorders – respiratory infections (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia), cystic fibrosis, HIV – organ transplant patients or those undergoing treatment (long-term corticosteroids, immunosuppressants) are particularly susceptible to bacterial infection or secondary infection.
Yet, it has been established that aerobic and anaerobic bacterial contamination of toothbrushes occurs immediately after brushing and can last from 24 hours to five days after the last use. This makes the toothbrush and, more generally, tooth brushing a vector for infection, or even secondary infection.
Pierre Fabre Oral Care has developed an exclusive sterilisation system for decontaminating ELGYDIUM CLINIC toothbrushes in the microwave without damaging them.

Specially designed toothbrush handles

Pierre Fabre Oral Care also offers solutions to improve everyday life for those suffering from debilitating diseases, such as osteoarthritis. For example, the INAVA SYSTEM toothbrush has a reusable ergonomic foam handle for people with a poor grip.

Open Innovation?

Certain areas of research require the involvement of external expertise, particularly in innovative biotechnology. This is why Pierre Fabre Oral Care fosters partnerships with specialised companies to pool our skills. ‘Open innovation’ acts as a catalyst to our R&D. Identifying processes and components that help prevent tooth decay are among our priorities.

“In order to anticipate the health challenges of the future, we place innovation at the heart of our work. Our Laboratories continuously strive to research and develop ever-more effective products by combining our expertise with that of our partners, to meet the needs of every individual.”

Anne-Sophie Saurel, Pierre Fabre Consumer Health Care Innovation unit, Programme Director