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ELGYDIUM ACADEMY, oral health educational solutions

Published 08/03/2019

The ELGYDIUM ACADEMY is an educational project from Pierre Fabre Oral Care that aims to improve children’s oral hygiene with genuine practical solutions for prevention and education.

The ELGYDIUM ACADEMY, a learned society focused on public health

In March 2016, Pierre Fabre Oral Care launched the ELGYDIUM ACADEMY, a learned society with the strategic goal of turning its commitment for educating the very young about oral health into a public health initiative.

The ELGYDIUM ACADEMY provides educational tools from ELGYDIUM’s laboratories to help teachers and parents as they guide and encourage children to keep their teeth healthy.

In schools:

  • a fun poster that reminds children of the golden rules for correct brushing – at least two minutes, two or three times a day with a fluoride toothpaste right for their age and a soft toothbrush, brushing from the gum to the tooth.
  • a birthday calendar for each child to write their name and date of birth. The calendar also includes a reminder of the vital information for good oral hygiene.

At home:

  • a brushing diary that reminds children of the right brushing habits illustrated by Raccoon, ELGYDIUM’s mascot for children’s oral health. The diary helps them diligently keep up with tooth brushing while having fun. The concept is simple, with three boxes for each day: morning, midday and evening. Every time the child brushes their teeth, they draw a sun. Otherwise, they draw a cloud.
  • a mobile app, Mon Raccoon, for promoting child tooth decay prevention, developed by dental surgeons who specialise in treating very young patients. With the Mon Raccoon app, children look after their Raccoon throughout the day. The app includes playtime, feeding time, bedtime and how to brush teeth correctly. As the children gradually identify with their Raccoon, they will start to adopt the correct brushing method for their age.

Through the ELGYDIUM ACADEMY and in partnership with health care professionals, Pierre Fabre Oral Care is playing a major role in public health, promoting and improving good oral health worldwide.